Air Pollution Facts: How to Protect Yourself from Pollution

Facts about air pollution. How to protect yourself from pollution? About air pollution. Air pollution stats.

Air pollution is a serious problem to the modern world. Most of the cities all over the world are affected by the air pollution. With the growing industrialisation and use of modern technology, the environment is now more susceptible to the air pollution. This is extremely dangerous and harmful for every living thing on the earth. World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported about 2 million premature deaths are caused each year due to air pollution. So what is air pollution? Why is it so deadly?

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Facts About Air Pollution: What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution sometimes can be visible but sometimes can be invisible. Any damaging substances that spread into the atmosphere (mostly by the people) which can cause harm to the health of humans and living things is called air pollution.

Air pollution reduces the quality of the air. Droplets, gasses, particles mix with the air and create air pollution. The major pollutants of the air are Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide and Methane. Carbon dioxide is a major pollutant and responsible for warming the earth. The harmful gas that comes out from power plants, planes, cars, and other human activities mix up with the air and make it harmful for the health. Methane and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), both cause harm to the ozone layer. Ozone layer protects us from dangerous sun's radiation but pollutants can disturb the ozone layer by making holes on it and this can cause disease like skin cancer. Sulfur dioxide is another very harmful gas and a component of smog. It’s combustion of coal, oil and diesel. Inhaling this gas is extremely harmful for the health. Smoke of the tobacco also causes the air pollution.

Air pollution can make us ill and responsible for many health problems and diseases. Air pollution can lead to asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, and damaged Immune System.

How to Protect Yourself from Pollution

It is absolutely important to avoid air pollution as much as possible. Try to avoid air pollution by not going outside when the level of air pollution is very high. Check out the pollution report of your city and plan your outdoor activities accordingly. It is always good to go outside early in the morning or after the sunset. Because at that times ozone levels are less in the atmosphere.

If you live in a big city or a polluted place then do not exercise outdoor. Because more you breathe more pollution you’ll inhale.

Stay away from any kind of smoke, smoky place and dusty areas or roads. Do not smoke and keep distance from the other smokers.

Do not use your car or any other vehicle when it’s not necessary at all. By doing this you can reduce the air pollution levels.

Do not burn any substances or fire when it’s not needed. If you burn substances or fire then you contribute to the air pollution. Try to minimise these things.

It is true that we cannot avoid the pollution completely. Neither we can live in a pollution free world. But few things we certainly can do to minimise the levels of air pollution and avoid ourselves to pollution. We should plant lots of trees and shrubbery to make the environment a little better and healthier.



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