Amazing Yet Unique Houses

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Home is defined as a dwelling, a place to live in. It offers security to an individual or family. It is also a place were people are being cared for. House on the other hand is a building or structure for shelter for an individual or family. A house can consist of a living room where people can accept their guest, den for family to have fun with. There is also a kitchen for cooking food and where they eat and a bedroom where they can rest and also a private areas for each individual. There is also the toilet and bath room. The design of the house varies because of the owners specifications, they can be the traditional kind or unique. The designs of the house can also relate to the owners personality. For some other, they designed a house differently because of specific experiences.

Mark and Valerie Sigler lives in Florida, USA. Tropical storms and hurricanes always pass through this area. Their house suffers all the time from a series of hurricanes and storms that they decided to rebuild their house that can survive any weather. They have contacted Jonathan Zimmerman, an architect, to design them a new house that is strong yet beautiful with some uniqueness in it. This house is now called the Dome of a Home in Pensacola beach.

By the Black Beach area in California, you will find there the Mushroom House. The owner of this house is Sam Bell. This house was designed by Dale Nigel to withstand earthquakes and rough weather in California.

Nowadays, there are many condominiums and town homes that are being offered specially if you live and work in the city. Condominiums and Town houses have the basic box like types designs but not all the condominiums are like that. The Habitat 67 condominium in Montreal has the most amazing design. These house looks like houses stacked above and besides each other giving it a very unique design which also gives the owners a good view of their urban environment.

Here are other amazingly unique houses you can find around the world. They’re odd yet they are quiet beautiful.

A crooked house, I thought house like these can only be seen in children’s book and cartoon shows.

This upside down house was designed by Daniel Czapiewski in Poland.

This is Robert Bruno’s house that is made of steel.

This is Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House.

And my favorite design is the Hundertwasser house in Vienna. It is basically an apartment of 50 rooms and has become a tourist attraction.

Every house is good, whatever their designs are as long as it gives, comfort, security, protection and coziness.


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