Astrology Forecast for February-March 2009: the Great Bail-out

Oh! I'm bummed. I wish I could add another word to my list of  popular words for 2009. (I can't edit,so let's make "bail" word #11).  Not because of the the current magical/mystical, bail-out legislation on Capitol Hill (now you see it; now you don't), but because the word has personal implications for each of us this year. Whether we like it or not,we all face the specter of rescuing or dumping this year, or both. I  don't see anybody escaping the noun and verb, double-meaning word-  bail .

Thus (yes, thus), my unorthodox reading for February-March 2009 covers every Sun Sign with the same blanket: the bail blanket.  I couldn't make it up, even if I wanted to. While we might all be covered by the same word, there are significant differences in the implications for each Sun Sign. Read on:

Aries. A major shift in how you do business this year is already underway. You now find it necessary to redefine your identity, because it was based on life before '09. But that has dramatically changed. The best way to prepare for a heavy transformation like this one is to rely on lessons and experiences from your past successes. Your track record will show you the path to reviving an old skill or talent. Aries is one of the signs that may have been forced out of a job or a relationship; figuratively thrown off the yacht into the canoe. But Aries, you are furiously bailing water even as we speak and rowing your boat in another direction. This is the right thing to do.  You will not go down; not ever. So, Aries, go back to the future to search to find yourself again.

Taurus: I wish you would reconsider your stubborn determination to stay the course, when the course is so evidently moving in another direction. If you don't get the lead out of your feet and charge ahead towards the way that is being shown to you, you will likely find yourself on the wrong end of the bailing process. You now face a lot of competition, more flexible and motivated than you,Taurus, but none so experienced and bold. Take another long hard look at the way you've been doing business this year. It needs to change soon if you're to become part of the great wave of change now moving all of us. Upgrade your personal service and communication skills. This is not a bad thing, Taurus; only if you make it so.

Gemini: Oh me. Oh my. Typical that you can't make up your mind which way to turn, Gemini. To move or not to move. And where, or when?  This way or that way? Gemini, you are one of the sun signs that requires a brief time-out right now. Not only because you tend towards the impulsive, but because you may not know what's going on behind your back. Think and think before you make an unwise, life-changing decision (there is quite enough life-changing going on without your adding to it now).  On the plus side, you have wisely built a fall-back cushion through hard-work and some luck, but (see above) don't you dare risk it yet on what you think is a bargain (the bottom's bottom has not fallen out yet). You will weather the storms that may come this year, if you employ clear, logical thinking. Think about it!

Cancer: Bail on, moon sign. You've been hit hard on the head (or crab shell) over the past few years and you've built up such toughness and persistence, you are able to move forward in a fashion, this year, that most sun signs can't yet fathom. You've wisely discarded (bailed ) the negative people and situations that caused you a lot of pain in the past. Because you've already lived through some lean times, you are in a better position now than many to know how to side-step the land mines. I like the way you keep this to yourself, Cancer. You know this is not the time to sound off about what you know and how you've learned it. Smooth bailing for you Cancer. Just keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Leo:  Losing a promotion or your relationship is hardest on the King of the Jungle. But look (as our fearless leader says), without these tough times, how would you ever know just how tough you really are? Leo, you are going through an identity crisis (like Aries), but this is harder on you, due to your pride, and all. Even more than many other signs, you thought you had a lock on the way things worked. Well, maybe you did, up until '09. But you are not that invincible. You can't control the great Tides of Change racing through the jungle this year.  There are Greater energies at work here, Leo, and boy, are they mixing things up.   While you may not have experienced a job cut or a swindle, Leo, you do have your worries.You have bailed on more than a few workers (pink slipped them) or jettisoned (false) friends, and that's caused you some pain. Be prepared, this year, for more difficult decisions about who to keep and who to let go. You are a leader, Leo, and with that mantle comes more tough decisions ahead.

Virgo:  Ah, mother earth sign. If you live in a warm climate, you are already out in your garden, tilling the soil, getting ready to plant come spring. If you are in a cold climate, you've already filled the pantry with shelves of canned fruit and vegetables. You are among the most prepared of the sun signs, Virgo, because you already know that honoring the earth and living off the land is an important metaphysical and physical action to take right now. Virgo, you may be among those buying food in bulk and stocking up, because you recognize what inflation could do,in a finger snap, to prices at the grocery. Perhaps you are suffering a slight paranoia, but you are not taking many chances this year.  You are a Sun Sign that is bailing problems, as fast as your two legs can carry you. No worries in your immediate future, because you are risking very little and saving very much.  All sun signs would be wise to honor mother nature, the earth and the soil, as much as you do. Degrading and polluting the earth is no small reason for what got us into this mess.

Libra:  When did you get so tough, Libra? Your gentle disposition and graceful demeanor have disguised the power of your intellect and the your determined spirit for far too long. That is, right up until 2009. And then, kazaam!  The tough times have hardened you to meet the difficulties  financial hardship causes.  You are lightly scarred,(hit on the head with the bailed overboard bucket a few times), but better for it. Yes, you have been working your hiny off to stay stable, but you were among the very first to learn the ropes when it comes to networking, freelancing, and earning money in a new and unexpected way. Now others look to you, because "you'd been there, done that" already. Be prepared this year to lead by example and to turn your steel magnolias into a bed of roses, by and by.

Scorpio: You don't take well to being dismissed, Scorpio. Maybe you've been threatened lately by a job-loss or a romantic break-up, or maybe you are just feeling anxious about the potential for loss. Scorpio tends to be possessive about most things, so even the remote possibility of having your life's work or life's love yanked away, can send you into a tail spin (and what a tail you have!). But you have loyal and steadfast friends around you (you've planned it that way), so the consequences of loss may not be as great as you fear; not with a support group like you have. These friends will come to your rescue and will bail you out of the worst of it, Scorpio, even though you may have to suffer through some unexpected reversals of fortune this year. But you are powerful in a pinch, especially if that pinch is coming from you, and you will slowly work your way back to where you started - or even beyond.

Sagittarius: Bailed out from a tough situation, were you?  From one foot to another, you've looked at life, from both sides now....and landed on your feet, although not exactly where you planned to be. Your positive attitude, willingness to see the humor in many things, and to keep your feelings hidden from the powers-that-be, have served you well. You've got game! I get the strong feeling you are inventing, as you go along - maybe as a freelancer or independent contractor - or maybe as the innovative idea person in the company you work for. Wow - this is a great time to be a brain-stormer, Sag. So whether you do it for yourself or for your boss, be prepared to keep those brilliant ideas coming. I see strong positives for innovation in communication and sci-tech fields right now or anything with wires. This year, despite all evidence to the contrary, just might be Your year, Sag.

Capricorn:  You are moving forward this year. Baby steps, but still steps forward, Capricorn. I know you expect to make great leaps and cover the territory in a single bound or two, but that just isn't in the cards (or the crystal ball) right now. You see, the cards are all coming up deuce and fives; the crystal ball is fogged up like a zircon dropped in a pig sty. So keep it going,building on small successes to make one great big success pile that will make you a stand-out when the dreams become reality. If you can accumulate small rewards and small honors, your momentum will keep you going and pay the bills until the times get better. There's no reason it can't be you in the driver's seat picking when it comes to selecting just who gets bailed out, in the future. Seriously, Cap, you have a better idea than most people about what works and you will ultimately get the chance to prove it.

Aquarius: Ah,I wish we were back in the good ol' 1970s Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Peace, love and flowers in the hair. But, oh no - Aquarius, we have fast-forwarded to 2009, when the call has gone out for all high-minded, brainy (many bald and hair-challenged) people to help us figure out how to get from here to there again. Aquarius, you are one of the chosen few, since you are a min sign.  Your mind/brain is a key to success this year for you and the rest of us. Keep innovating and planning, will you? I am thinking you can contribute in science, biotech, green energy, medicine-- areas where you excel and where our American brain trust needs to re-surface, pronto. Bail-us out of here with some of the brilliant ideas you've been working on. This may take some time, but there are many opportunities to fast forward on the R&D front (now and in the immediate future, as increased government funding gets underway).Don't be shy to show what you've got in your left pocket.  Brain-power is your power this year, Aquarius. You own, if you choose to.

Pisces: Heretofore, Pisces, you've been on the right side of the change revolution - flowing along with it, like a trout in a river of dreams. But, whoa! Some of the financial turbulence has churned up the water surrounding you this year , and you are now sloshing around, vulnerable to getting hooked and caught up in the anxiety many of us are facing. Be very careful now, Pisces. Use your finely tuned senses to listen to the wind and read between the lines. There may be some behind-the-scenes politics at work that you can guard against, if you act quickly and decisively to head it off at the pass. Be prepared to bail-out a leaky boat before it takes on too much water and sinks your dreams. If that means having to throw a less loyal sailor overboard, so be it. You can swim baby, so swim.

Whew - that took a lot of energy! I realize as I was reading and writing, with so much change in the atmosphere, there may be just as much leeway (water word) for a changing horoscope as a piece of pending legislation. That is why this reading covers only February and March. April, come she will.


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