Astrology Forecast for May, 2009: Sizing Up the Uncertain Future

These days, I imagine the line at the Fortune Teller's tent at the Traveling Circus must look like the lines at Krispy Kreme donuts or Starbucks not so very long ago. Remember the time? I'm sure you do. But now it's not donuts, hot off the press, or double vente skinny coffee lattes that have our attention: it's prediction about an uncertain future, and what it's going to mean in our lives. And while  Krispy Kreme and Starbucks sink ever further into the economic black hole (a distant memory of how we spent our money and our time) , the reverse is true for some fortune-tellers and (ahem) psychics, whose business is booming. So, here I go (no need to form a line), forecasting what I see for  you in May, 2009.

My theme for May is Size , particularly  where it concerns measurement. The statement One Size Does Not Fit All is an  appropriate description for the diversity we find in the fortunes of the Zodiac Signs during May. The only clear, common denominator is We're All in This Together, with 12 variations on this single Truth. While we acknowledge The Universal uncertainty that binds us together, each of us faces different challenges and possibilities in May as we balance, re-balance and re-measure our lives.

Aries: Re-size. Perhaps it begins this month with an appetite re-sizing (from Big Macs Super value down to Kraft Macaroni single serving) or maybe the dimensions of your purse (from enormous carpet bag to clutch), but one thing is for certain this month, Aries, you are re-sizing and it feels good.  If you must move, the Studio apartment begins to sound more romantic and appealing (it's the way true artists live) than the 2 bedroom/2 bath condo costing 3 times as much. For you, it's now about considering the Kia vs. the Volvo; the bag of grapes vs. the Doritos;  making new choices that affect virtually every aspect of your life. You're beginning to enjoy how saving space, gas, time and energy feels because it is so empowering.  In May, Aries leads the way in what Time magazine calls the new frugality "re-set." Re-sizing extends to Aries' day-to-day lifestyle, and impacts romantic and family relationships. You don't care if you have one million Twitter followers, so long as you have a handful of good friends returning your affection. Re-sizing means growing in more ways than one.

Taurus: Starchy Sizing. You can thank your relative largess (aura size, image and personality) for keeping you stable and grounded in the recent past and  also during May.  Make no mistake, the Sign of the Bull doesn't give up ground easily. It can rain all it wants, on parades and otherwise, and you're not going to give into any gloom and doom scenarios. Your concerns this month, Taurus, extend beyond finances, wandering into relationships - business, family and romance. There are a few significant conflicts and challenges here and there. To say you are being tested, is a mild understatement. But you are strong and strict and un-bendingly starchy, as if you'd been coated with a few coats of sizing, and you will win out in this month, (one way or another) and get your way. The warning to others should be "don't mess with the bull unless you wear a red cape and a funny looking hat."

Gemini: Size vs Space. As they say, there is "nothing new under the Sun" and that certainly appears to be true for the dueling Banjo Gemini twins. You seem to be arguing mostly, with yourself and with others, about size vs. space (living quarters, relationship priorities, personal integrity). Yes, there is a very fine line between the concepts of size and space, but you, Gemini, are willing to cross it and enter into a higher realm, because space has a lot to do with how you've been treated by others recently. You've had your personal space invaded by a variety of both well-meaning and not so well-meaning personalities and characters, who have riled your easy-going personality, causing you frustration and anxiety. If you're working in a cubicle or in a non-private open area, you know exactly what I mean. If a controlling partner or family member is prying into your life and offering unsolicited advice, again, you copy. Gemini, you really don't mind the confines of limited space, as long as you retain a good measure of privacy and personal identity. This month, watch out for those who may try to further invade your space and put you on the defense. Hold your ground; define the boundaries of your space and speak up. No one can hear you whisper.

Cancer/Moon Child: Fantasizer. Just where would we be without dreams and fantasies about how good the future's going to be? Well, we can thank Cancer/Moon Child for continuing to Dream Big, innovate and invent his/her way out of the current economic morass. May brings more fruitful ideas and projects to the forefront for Moon Child, as a few people, with the means to a good end, are wondering what to do with their funds and the rest of their lives. You have the answer - well, actually a few answers - because you've been paying attention to what new needs are surfacing and what new niches need filling. Keep the ideas coming, but ground them in reality by writing them down, researching them in detail, and mulling them over in your mind, before you promote them, half-baked. May brings you at least one surprise opportunity from a surprising source. Dream big, Moon Child, but be sure to write it down lest you forget it.

Leo: Emphasize. Let there be no doubt, in May, Leo is in the room. And not only in the room, but running the room. Standing at the podium, presenting a power-point program or offering a workshop on how to stay Motivated and rally the troops. Leo knows how to emphasize all the important points about leadership and motivation. No grass grows under Leo's feet/paws, when there's a point that needs to be made about moving forward. One of the great Leonine qualities is the ability to delegate the best people to help regroup and re-energize. Even if you get a bit disheartened in days to come, Leo, remember your past successes and the lessons you've learned about bumps in the road and road-blocks and how to circumvent them. May will present you with a few pot-holes on the road to recovery, Leo, but nothing you can't master and leap over. The trick is to keep motivating yourself, because this month, there could be more than a few frustrating detours. Re-emphasize to your self and others just how competent you are. Case over.

Virgo: Hypothesize. Because of more than a few abrupt (or seemingly so) changes to you life in recent months, Virgo, you've been wondering (hypothesizing) if you made all the right moves. Well, quit that dissection right this moment, Virgo. Looking to your past decisions is not going to directly alter your future. Yes, you've learned a few lessons (a business idea or relationship that didn't make it; people who disappointed you), but second-guessing yourself is an energy drain, and can be downright depressing. You made certain decisions, because at the time you made them, you thought they were right. Leave it at that, Virgo, and move right along. You have a sharp, critical mind, but this is clearly not the time to turn it on yourself. Instead, this month, spend some fruitful time networking and hypothesizing about the future benefits of any new ideas or relationships that have surfaced in recent weeks or months. The past is past. What's done is done. Close the door. Open the window. New people with new ideas are attracted to you. May looks bright.

Libra: Synthesize: May is a creative blast for you, Libra - synthesizing many of the artistic talents and endeavors you've been working on for years. Because 2009 is a year of transition and radical change, the old ways are falling by the wayside; your journey, as you perceive it, is to blend the old and new, the melodies and harmonies from the past with daring, inventive techniques and ideas for the future. May is an open window month for artists in that many people now look for what's emerging from the ashes of the sad, old past - Art, Music, Design are on the cusp of the New Art; much more Dali than Rockwell, although, you, Libra could blend these disparate visual together in collage. Take an artistic plunge this month and show off your work in new venues. Expect the unexpected - high praise - and that is a good thing, a very good thing, indeed.

Scorpio: Sizing Up. Scorpio, you've been taking a look around at the competition, measuring them for talent, ability, connections, because you recognize a hungry wolf when you see one - and you know, as do the rest of us, how many packs of hungry wolves are out there now. Now, I'm a fan of the wolf, so this is not meant as a derision - working in packs is just how they operate, and you could learn a thing or two from the wolves this month. They work together - and that's a good thing.  You like to work alone, Scorpio, because that way you have total control (or think you do), but the new work method, circa 2009, involves team work; joint efforts; networking. The single act is heading towards passe. Your horoscope applies to work, of course, but it's not limited to career. It's also not a good idea to team-tag a romance- playing catch-as-catch-can. The sizing up applies here, also, because it is quite possible (even probable) someone has his/her eye on your sweetie. So double your pleasure and double your fun this May. Keep your romantic partner amused and feeling cared for. If you insist on hyper-control and flying solo, don't say I didn't warn you about what could happen to a lone wolf.

Sagittarius: Trying on for Size. Thank goodness you have a good sense of humor and don't mind using it at the appropriate (usually) moment, becauset he past few months have been an up-down, crazy period for you. Re-adjusting to some bad news within the family (biological and/or work) has been difficult, but you've been there to lend an ear and a shoulder to cry on. While you've always been a good, loyal friend and companion, your new role as confident and means of moral (and/or financial) support is something new for you. In May, you are still trying the rescue mantle on for size. Actually, Sag, this untoward turn of events is a positive stroke of luck for you, as you begin to see just how great your good qualities can be. While you've never thought of yourself as the heroic type, in May, you come shining through. And this is a role you will continue to play for the foreseeable future.

Capricorn: That's about the Size of it. I see you've come to grips with the way things are going for you, Cap. In some cases, downward, especially if you are connected to one of the companies or industries that is rapidly downsizing, closing up or going bankrupt. I know you are grateful, because things could be worse.  The other side, of course, is the resilient Capricorn, whose fortitude and talents have allowed him/her to outlast and stabilize the Company you keep. And while you may not particularly like the job you have right now (especially if you're in Collections), at least you are paying your own way. Somebody has to do the work you do, and Capricorn is one of the Signs that will do it. In May, if you're in a business that removes property from people (like foreclosures or repossessions), be sure you re-balance what you do by giving to charity, to church, to the food bank. There is always Karma price attached to participating in other people's sadness and loss, Capricorn. Keep this in mind and give back as much as you can to whatever cause moves you. May is both gratitude and pay-back month for you.

Aquarius: Mind-Size. This month, you continue to educate yourself - either by reading, learning a new skill or trade, venturing out to meet the Teachers who can offer you spiritual guidance or life lessons. As one of the higher-level thinking Signs, Aquarius your mind is stretching in May, brimming over with new ideas and new opportunities. Something that stopped in the past, has given you a reason to start over and begin again - in a completely new field, with new companions and colleagues. Your perspective has changed, as a result of what you've learned, and your mind has grown in size. You have a hungry desire for learning to thank for this, and a continued voracious appetite for reading (it is the rare Aquarius who doesn't like to read. In this case, ignorance is not a virtue). You might want to re-read The Catcher in the Rye, the Mid-Century all-time classic to see what Holden Caulfield had to say about the mind and a great many other subjects.

Pisces: Out-sized Personality. Pisces, you are the surprise Sign of the Zodiac. So much more to you than meets the eye; the size we are talking  about is not body-weight, but personality and brain-power weight, and this month, you literally shine from whatever stage you choose to grace. You always draw attention; the Pisces appeal is so magnetic, but never more so, than May. Your out-sized personality is a welcome antidote to all the gloomy news and angry people. Expect one or two romantic admirers to show themselves with a surprise invitation or a little love note, tucked under the wipers on your car windshield. You shine at work also - your creativity and work ethic has not only saved your Company money, but also shown the big boss a whole new way to accomplish things (i.e. projects). May is a great month for you, Pisces. Count your lucky stars, and keep wishing on them, should they fall along your path (as they are likely to do for Pisces).

In sum, there is no current measurement (size) of the vast economic downturn we're experiencing,  because we still have a long ways to go to recovery. There are no concrete signs yet we are coming out of this. The near future is uncertain.  But fast-forwarding to the long-term future, you can see economists and historians labeling and calling this Ginormous Global Economic Crisis by another name, phrased in terms of its tremendous scope and size, world-wide. The changes we are witnessing and creating are no less enormous; the anxiety we experience has as much to do with saving the Earth as it does with saving the Economy. In May, this becomes more apparent than ever (new signs of Global Warming and new attempts to slow it down).

With special thanks to: Remember the Time (Michael Jackson, 1992). We're All in This Together (Ben Lee, 2006). All the Right Moves ( Tom Criuise film, 1983), and "....Something else an academic education will do for you. If you go along with it any considerable distance, it'll begin to give you an idea what size mind you have." The Catcher in the Rye (1951, ,J.D.Salinger)



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