Color and How It Affects Mood

Ever wonder why some colors seem to calm you, some seem to energize you, and some just seem to drive you mad? Well, studies have indicated that colors have direct links with certain kinds of emotions and feelings, and directly affect your moods. You can influence your mood, or anyone else's for that matter, by wearing a color to achieve an effect (i.e. red is a power color, so if you wear it to work, it will help you feel more confident in yourself, plus as an added benefit, chances are that other people will see you as more confident as well.)

Colors work like this in your living space as well, much in the same way. For example, gentle yellows and greens on your walls help sooth and relax you, and brighter versions of these colors energize you. Here are a few basic colors and their achieved mood. Note to everyone: not all these colors have the same effect on everyone, it's just the majority. There's lots of different people, so their tastes are bound to be a little different!

Red: red is a power color, associated with passion, strength and courage.

Orange: orange stimulates creativity, and hunger. It is warm and creates a soothing, energizing atmosphere.

Yellow: yellow is associated with wisdom, happiness and sunlight. Wear this color if you're feeling down.

Green: green is a life color, standing for nature and fertility. In lighter shades, like cucumber, it is very soothing.

Blue: blue symbolizes loyalty, peace, and truth. Light blues symbolize youth.

Indigo: indigo is a very deep, spiritual color. It is soothing, but sometimes depressing.

Purple: Purple is good for meditation. It symbolizes magic, mystery and royalty.

Keep in mind, weather wearing these colors or using them on your bedroom walls, you need to find the shade of the color that will give you your desired effect. For instance, light green is relaxing, which is good for a bedroom, and bright green is energizing, which is good for clothing. Plus, if you don't like green, it may have a totally different effect all together!


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