Darwin - A Man of Evolution Ahead of His Time

The reader will learn about Darwin's extraordinary life in which he spent his entire life studying and observing various species and plants in remote islands around the World. They will also become aware of the great impact that Darwin actually made on S

Darwin’s theory of evolution concludes that all life from animals, flowers and plants to all living things is related to each other in some form or another.

This theory and philosophy suggested that life as we know it; is in theory, a larger span of something that evolved millions of years ago.

Charles Darwin understood life on a larger scale than most of us do. He studied apes in relation to man and other species. He actually related to them on their specific level.

There was a movie made about Darwin called, “Creation” that came out in 2010 that gives you a glimpse into his extraordinary life and work.

He discovered that on the beautiful island of Galapagos there existed so many different types of animal species that thrive and live there.

Darwin considered Galapagos as an enchanted island. He studied birds, mammals, reptiles, underwater life and plant life on various islands in his studies. However, most of his studies were done on the Galapagos Islands.

Darwin was a genius and quite brilliant in his observations and creations. In Darwin's studies and observations which educated millions who will remember him as a man who lived in the natural world. He spent his whole life studying various species that were not known at the time.

Charles Robert Darwin was born in England and lived from 1809 to 1882 and was a man ahead of his time in theory and evolution. He understood life and all species to the fullest extinct. His book "On the Origin of Species" is a book that demonstrates his extensive research and knowledge of all species.

He understood the emotions of man and animals and spent his entire life studying both. He did extensive research from plants to earthworms. This type of study on earthworms had never been done before until Darwin. He knew that each individual species was very important and felt that he needed to know and learn about how they evolved and how they thrived in the natural World.

In his writings and observations which later became books, he left us with a greater understanding of all species on Planet Earth.

Darwin understood natural history and was indeed a gifted scientist.

He studied the species on the island of Galapagos before National Geographic and the age of the Internet. Darwin studied mockingbirds from various islands, as well as finches and took notes on their various differences.

He saw the uniqueness in each of the species that he studied and considered them vital to his ongoing research to understand them.

Today, in modern times, a large statue of Darwin stands in the main hall of the Natural History of Museum in London as a tribute to Darwin and the legacy he left behind.

In theory, Darwin’s theory of evolution will stand the test of time, even in the midst of new scientists emerging every day.

Darwin's works to this day, has made a significant impact in the World and will continue to intrigue future generations to come.


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