E=mc2: What Does It All Mean?

What E=mc^2 means.

E = mc^2 or energy is equal to mass times celeritas squared.  Celeritas is the speed of light in a vacuum.  This is revolutionary in solving one of the anomalies of physics.  The anomaly being that physical objects have both particle natures and wave natures.  Simultaneously an object x is both a particle and a wave.  Light for instance has been observed as both a particle and as a wave. Being that all objects posses particle natures and wave natures this means we have two ways of calculating ‘them’.  This is represented by our ability to calculate an objects mass by identifying its particles.  We can also calculate the energy of a wave. The calculation E = mc^2 gives us the ability to know one and calculate the other. One such calculation might look like. We have one mole of H2O or one unit of water. H has a molar mass of 1.0079 O has a molar mass of 15.9994 This means that in a mole of H2O we find a total molar mass of (1.0079x2 +15.9994) 18.0152 The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second. E=(18.0152 x 299,792,458m/s^2) I feel outside of my mathematical and physics backgrounds so I’m not going to go further on the equation… 

Suffice it to say E= is going to equal a very very high number for almost no initial matter. What does this energy mean?  This is energy stored up in the bonds between particles.  This is why there is such high energy yield from nuclear reactions.  These reactions are at the most basic level of particle physics, at the level of the particle bonding.  The strong forces of magnetism that compromise ionic and covalent bonds are some of the strongest forces in nature.  These bonds hold vast amounts of energy in a dynamic way. All of this is so important because of a basic ‘fact’ of nature the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of mass. These two laws were once separate one could not destroy mass and one could not destroy energy.  Now we know contrarily that one can destroy mass, and in such create vast amounts of energy.  This equation shows us that we are still converting and not destroying.  That mass and energy are all a part of a single system or whole.


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