Finding Gold in Nunavut

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Nunavut is in the Northernmost part of Canada. It produces gold, diamonds, precious gems and other minerals.

It might be cold inNunavut most of the time, but at least finding gold in Nunavut will keep you hot. There are several goldmines already operating in the Nunavut territory. Most of Nunavut is located on the Canadian Shield, but some of the mountains are much younger. So young in fact that they still display cones and craters betraying their volcanic past. Besides gold Nunavut has all the other suspects as well as diamonds and precious gems. On eastern Ellesmere Island there is even gas and oil, so much oil that it seeps from the western side of Ellsmere Island right into the Arctic Ocean.

Prospecting in Nunavut is expensive but there are grants made available from the territory of $8,000 if you are a serious prospector. The territory also conducts classes for the local population in a program that travels from community to another conducting night and field classes for the people living there. These classes have been conducted for several years, and it was a local prospector who took the classes that found a deposit of gemstones in 2001 that he sold to a mining company.

Unlike other parts of Canada, Nunavut has not been well mapped so there is plenty of opportunity for prospectors so there is plenty of room to find valuable mineral deposits. One of the things that you have to be careful is that it takes about 100 prospects that are found before you can develop a single mine.

Prospecting teaches is that although a rock may be shiny that doesn't mean that it is valuable. The rocks that a prospector would find are apt to hold valuable minerals usually are covered with rust. The rust comes from iron sulfide, fools gold, pyrites and other iron containing minerals when they weather. A rock of this type is called a gossan that means iron hat because it is made from iron oxide.

The mines in Nunavut produce a wide variety of minerals. Beside gold there is also copper, lead, zinc, uranium, precious stones and diamonds. Gold was probably the first valuable mineral that was mined in Nunavut; the others came later.

A great deal of information about prospecting in Nunavut can be found at the Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office., 626 Tumiit Plaza, Suite 202, Iquluit, Nunavut XOA OHO.

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