Five New Uses for Old Plastic Bags

Here are 5 great ways to reuse old plastic bags.
Plastic bags are distributed in a never ending supply. Try going to the store and asking for paper. Chances are high that the clerk will have no idea what you are talking about. Fortunately, plastic bags are easier to manufacture and easier on the environment than paper. The problem comes with the disposal. How do you find new uses for old plastic bags?

There is a growing awareness of how our combined actions affect the environment these days. More people are beginning to reuse, recycle and repurpose items to give them a new life. This saves precious landfill space and protects the environment.

One of the most common uses of plastic is for grocery bags. Most homes have an ever mushrooming supply. The good news is that grocery stores often offer recycling opportunities for the bags. All we have to do is take them with us when we go to the store and drop them in the recycling boxes. According to Plastic Bag Recycling.Org over 812 million pounds of bags and film were recycled in 2006. The Plastic Bag Recycling website also tells us that plastic bag recycling is on the upswing.

One popular recycling effort is to find new uses for old plastic bags. There are several ways that bags can be repurposed around your home. This list will get you started with your repurposing efforts. If you know of other new uses for old plastic bags please share your knowledge. Be sure to leave a comment below.

New Uses for Old Plastic Bags Idea #1

Keep a few tucked away in the car. Use them as litter bags to hold empty soda bottles, fast food wrappers or any kind of trash that you may accumulate. Keep you car cleaner by putting very dirty shoes in the bags after soccer practice.

New Uses for Old Plastic Bags Idea #2

Reuse them several times by taking them back to the store with you when you shop. There’s no need to buy a reusable tote.

New Uses for Old Plastic Bags Idea #3

Recycle the old plastic bags when they start to fall apart. Look for a recycling container at the grocery store where you shop.

New Uses for Old Plastic Bags Idea #4

Create something new. Old plastic bags can be cut and then knitted or crocheted. You can make everything from doormats to placemats or create a new bag. The possibilities are endless.

New Uses for Old Plastic Bags Idea #5

Plastic bags make good packing material for small items. The bags are lightweight, pack tightly, conform to the contours of whatever you are sending and are often the perfect packing choice.


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