Genetically Modified Crops May Prove Dangerous for Human Consumption

A transition from the once before used ‘radioactive pesticides’ to the new biologically engineered pesticide that involves the use of chemicals within crops all the way through to harvest has proven to be just as dangerous for human consumption if

Most often farmers or those whose livelihood intertwine with horticulture know the importance of pesticides, especially organic pesticides.  However, for the majority of the people that live in the world the danger of pesticide and the consumption of them is no real threat or danger.  Unfortunately this is not the case and in fact many people must be educated about how dangerous it truly is to ingest crops that have been grown entirely with pesticides. 

Pesticides were only recently introduced so that farmers could keep the pests that fed upon their crops under control.  However, as populations grew the need for food arose higher therefore the need for pesticides grew as well.  Pests and other bugs though that feed upon crops only grew more tolerable to that pesticides that were being used to kill them and eventually they evolved causing the pesticides that were used to become much more potent than before.

Before planes used to fly over fields of crops spraying pesticides throughout them all so that the bugs would be killed.  This is one of many reasons why it is necessary to rinse off fruits and vegetables after they have been purchased.  However, the United States has now transitioned into biologically engineered pesticides instead of the traditional ‘radioactive pesticides.’  The new biologically engineered pesticide has a chemical known as Bt-Toxin (Bacillus Thuringiensis) which is used to create holes inside the stomach of the pest that eats the crop.  There is still much controversy as to whether or not Bt-Toxin may have a negative effect regarding human consumption however, further research and testing has proven that the worst may be true.

In Vancouver and other parts of Washington State the pesticide was flown over various crops in order to reduce the amount of gypsy moths feeding upon the food.  Within just a few weeks though over 500 cases were reported locally with cases complaining of flu like symptoms.  The cases were reported back to some of the agricultural workers who had been directly exposed to the Bt-Toxin and were reporting such symptoms as itchy eyes, burning skin, cough, and even fever to where over night hospitalization was needed.  Other cases were reported as well elsewhere from agricultural cultures that had also been exposed to the chemical Bt-Toxin. 

It is still rumored that Bt-Toxin dissolves in the digestive tract and stomachs of mammals who consume crops that have been ‘treated’ with the chemical.  However, testing showed results of liver failure developing in rats that had been exposed to Bt-Toxin which could mean the same eventual condition for humans over long term consumption.        


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