How to Gain Confidence in Public Speaking

A brief guide on how to gain confidence for presentations or theses.

Public Speaking is very vital for us in case of presentations, theses and, field exams where you need to demonstrate your public relation skills through public speaking. Regardless if it's for a Hosting gig at a company party or something that needs to be discussed, we all need Public Speaking, but if we want to learn good public speaking, all we need is simply one element and that would be Confidence. No matter how detailed your material is, if you don't have the confidence or the assurance you would give to your audience, how would they trust the product that your concept team has made? That's why we need confidence in all things that relate to public speaking, hence, in this article, we will discuss way on how to gain confidence for your public speaking speeches and presentations.

1. Never believe the stigma about the tough-bosses

Even in college, the defense panel isn't scary as portrayed by your classmates, same goes in office when it comes to the higher-ups and your colleagues. As long as you know your bosses full well, you won't be hurt fully much.

2. Know Your Material Fully Well!

Knowing your material will give you the confidence boost you would need for that fated day. From the broadest detail to the most minute of detail, know your material and be sure to give a vague description for those laid-back bosses at work, in case they're the "No-Nonsense yet Relaxed" type. But eitherway, learn your material fully well.

3. Speak to yourself and have affirmations

This is true, unless you also believe in your own capability. Without your own self-confidence and belief in the product, you won't make it far. You may have confidence in the product, but you don't have confidence about yourself, hence you need Affirmations to develop the public speaker in you.

4. Have a light small chat with team mates

Whether they're stressed or not, simpley strike up a conversation with them to break the stigma for a bit and get to have enough time to prepare for the day's events. 

5. Learn the power of "Speaking Speed"

Speaking slowly is good, but make sure it is at a moderate phrase, having the moderate speaking speed will not only help your boss see you as a calm, confident and collected person, but you can have enough reaction time to remember certain things when it comes to discussing your topic.

6. Body Language

This is stressed also, with the usual "Outright-arms, chest out" look. With body language, your boss will see more of you in a non-needy and positively ambitious light. 

With these points in mind, you'll be able to maintain yourself before your boss or a defense panel at a presentation like such.

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