Love Idioms: Phrases , Expressions and Idioms of Love

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Love Idioms! What an interesting way to increase your English vocabulary. Here is a list of idioms and phrases on love and relationships.

Read on to learn about the beautiful sayings and expressions on love. I am sure these idioms will help you to express your feelings and love to a great deal. Get set to increase your vocabulary and learn the art of impressive love talk!

1 Ask for someone's hand in marriage

- to ask someone to marry you

2 Attracted to someone

- to feel a physical or emotional attraction to someone

3 Blind date

- a date where the two people have never met before, meeting between a man and a woman who have not met before

4 Break someone's heart

-To cause someone deep  emotional pain and grief

5 Break up

- to end a relationship, to end a romantic relationship with someone

6 Crazy about somebody/something

- like or love someone or something very much, mad about somebody/something

Fall for someone / Fall in love with someone

-  to begin to experience feelings of love for someone, to begin to love someone

Find Mr. Right

- to find the right or perfect man to marry

Find the right girl/guy

- to find the right partner, to find the person you want to marry

10 Get along with someone

- to have a good friendly relationship with someone

11 Get back together

- to return to a relationship or marriage after separating

12  Get engaged 

- to decide to marry someone

13 Get hitched

- to get married

14 Go steady

- to date one person regularly

15 Have a crush on someone 

- to have strong feelings of love for someone

16 Head over heels in love with someone

- to be very madly in love with someone

17 Hit it off with someone

- to get along well with someone, from the first time that you meet that person

18  Hung up on someone

- to be obsessed with another person, to be interested in another person

19 Kiss and makeup

- to become friends again after a fight or argument

20 Leave someone at the altar

- to decide not to marry someone at the last minute

21 Love at first sight

- immediate, strong attraction for someone you meet the first time 

22 Pop the question

- to ask someone to marry you

23 Match made in heaven

- a couple who get along perfectly

24 Puppy Love

- mild infatuation; infatuation as in a crush

25 All's fair in love and war

- something that you say or do which can be unpleasant or not fair, but is acceptable during an argument or competition.

There are a number of other love idioms. Please add your favourite love idioms to this list.  I look forward to read about your favourite love idioms and comments.


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