Monarch Butterflies Migrating Earlier in 2012

The reader will learn about the long and treacherous journey that the Monarch butterfly takes each year as they flock to the forests in Central Mexico. These butterflies have a built in sonar that automatically programs their memories that leads them to

The Monarch butterflies are migrating earlier this year and are seen in the month of April on lilac bushes etc.

A lot of this is due to climate change and global warming. They are confused and are taking advantage of this extremely warm weather so soon.

The Monarch butterflies normally are first seen in the summer months when they visit gardens with lots of flowers. It is still spring in the Midwest where tulips bloom this time of year. Rose bushes are also budding out earlier in April, when they normally do not bud out until May.

The Monarch butterflies migrate 2,000 miles to the fir Forests in the Mountains of Mexico every year as millions are seen that flock to the trees. They go through four generations in one year. The Monarch butterflies have been migrating for millions of years.

But due to the unusual weather patterns that we have had this year all over the World, these butterflies are arriving much earlier.

One can see 4-5 Monarch butterflies at a time on Lilac bushes which is quite a site to see in one’s own backyard.

It is very unusual to see them so soon, but one cannot help but marvel at their beautiful wings that are black and orange with spots on them as they spread their wings while they are basking in the sun on a lawn chair or on a windowsill.

The climate is getting warmer, particularly in the Midwest and many of the trees and bushes have budded out and are blooming much earlier than usual also.

Birds are migrating earlier than usual as well due to these extreme weather conditions.

Each year, as these butterflies make their Epic Historic journey each year, they know exactly where to find the remote isolated mountains in Mexico. And, generations of Monarch butterflies, years from now will continue the same trek. They do not need a map or radar system to help them find the way. It is a scientific fact that revolved around evolution millions of years ago that is ingrained in this butterfly species memory that enables them to remember where they need to go.

The Monarch butterflies take flight in the sky and fly by the thousands which is an incredible journey of bravery on how such a small species can survive such a long and treacherous journey through all kinds of weather conditions.

2012 is the year that will mark the year of the Monarch butterflies most unusual flight journey recorded in April around the World and will go down in History as one of the most unusual years in migration.


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