Natural Gas Advantages

Natural gas and electricity are still the two most common sources of energy and it's clear on the production side as well as on the consumer, which is costing more. Heating with natural gas continues to be the most cost efficient and most homes and busin

It's no secret that we are all looking for alternatives to reduce our budgets and save the planet.  Natural gas may answer a few of those concerns by offering a some advantages to cleaner power choices when it comes to alternative energy resources.  Efficiency seems to be at the top of most environmental lists along with the overall comfort to our homes, lives and budgets.

So what are the benefits of using natural gas over electricity for heating, cooking and even drying?  The benefit is linked to how natural gas reaches its destination, whether it's a home or a business. The answer is that natural gas is delivered directly to the home or business in contrast to electricity, which is generated at one point and sent to another point for distribution.  In most cases that additional connection can increase the cost.


Electrical power cost accounts for a large portion of the energy that is lost simply by the nature of the process used to produce this resource. Users who select electricity verses natural gas may ultimately pay a higher price for power. Supporting the loss ratio between electricity compared to natural gas is approximately 7:1 during the production of electricity.

Studies show that energy spikes occur less often with natural gas because of its storage ability, which adjusts to the fluctuation of demand immediately. Electricity spikes are highly affected by the grid or area allotments and for some users.  We've seen the results with power outages when an increased need of electrical power fails to act in response to user demand.

An additional benefit of natural gas is linked to the reduction of carbon emissions in comparison to electricity.  More and more energy retailers and designers have focused on natural gas appliances to maintain existing lifestyles while considering the impact to the environment.  Facts show natural gas has the ability to reduce as much as 50 percent of carbon emissions.


Efficiency levels of water heaters fueled with natural gas, heat faster preserving expensive energy and controlling the costs to operate, while providing hot water on a regular basis. During the cooler seasons, natural gas furnaces deliver warmer temperatures instantly reducing the amount time it takes to heat a home. In the warmer seasons, the cooling systems adapt to cooling the home faster, again using less energy, saving energy costs.



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