Online Resources for Beginners Learning Arabic and Other Languages

Arabic is considered to be a tough language to master, especially in non-Arab surroundings. But in today's age, the Internet provides us with a vast range of resources for learning this beautiful language, among other ones too. This includes websites prov

Most beginners do find learning the arabic language quite tough, at least initially. It becomes ever tougher when one does not get many arabic-speaking people living nearby. But one way to solve this problem is to learn the language online or at least, get a basic idea of it.

One of my favorite sites for learning languages is a language exchange website known as sharedtalk. This is basically a language exchange site, where you teach the language/languages you're fluent at and in return get to learn the language/languages you're fluent at. There are active users speaking most major languages on this website.

Sharedtalk does not only support text chat and mail but also voice chat. That means that you'd also be able to greatly improve your  Arabic learning abilities by conversing with native speakers. Generally, there is no dearth of native arabic speakers online on this site, and as I've experienced, most of them are from a vast array of different Arab countries and are generally inclined to be learn English.

Another helpful website is Tutor.lootah is quite useful, especially if you're keen to master the arabic alphabet and basic words and phrases. I would recommend this site primarily for learning the arabic alphabet as it seems to me to be quite difficult to pick up much from the sections that follow in this website.

Livemocha is also another interesting language learning tool that you should try out. Unlike sharedtalk, which does not possess any lessons on the website, Livemocha has many lessons to help you out in variety of different languages, including, of course, Arabic, and including languages like Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French, German etc. But one drawback of Livemocha is the poor audio quality in many of the lessons.

If you are willing to spend some money, then you can also try out the arabic course offered by the Shariah Program. Even otherwise, their course for learning the arabic alphabet is completely free.

You can also get an ebook for learning arabic such as "Arabic for Dummies", which of course, will cost you money. Other good sites for the purpose of learning Arabic are,,,, etc. Furthermore, there are many blogs and facebook pages dedicated to teaching arabic for no cost at all.

Of course, for the purpose of translation, one can use Google translate, which can also help with pronunciation. For proffesional translation needs, one can consult the website, 


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