Pleasure: Hetero, Homo and Bi-sexuals

Sex is a pleasurable experience.  Sex also is a necessary, though not sufficient condition to breeding.

Sentience is defined as possession of sense.  Mobile species (animals) possess sentience of touch if not other senses.  Such that animals have the ability to feel pleasure.

'Heterosexual' behavior is conducive to breading, where as 'homosexual' behavior is non-conducive to breading.  Such that a sentient being, looking for pleasure, might choose 'homosexual' behavior in order to avoid offspring.  Over breading results in over population; a state which destroys the species' food source, which destroys the species.

Breading is necessary to retain the species.  Such that 'heterosexual' behavior necessarily continues the species, and 'homosexual' behavior allows the pleasure of sex with out the continuance of the species.

With this relation in mind we can see that ‘hetero’ sex is the only form of sex which can continue the species.  Therefore, ‘homosexual’ acts are wrong when used as a means of breeding.

‘Homosexual’ acts as a means of pleasure and as a means of population control are on the other hand valid reasons.

Simply put:

If sexual partners want to breed; it is right to find a ‘heterosexual’ partner.

If sexual partners want to be pleasured; it is right to find a ‘hetero’ or ‘homo’ sexual partner.

If sexual partners want to balance species population; it is necessary to calculate the lands ability to feed the members.  In either case it takes a certain amount of ‘wisdom’ and ‘temperance’ to contain the population within the areas means.

In short evolution produced sentience.  Sentience brings about pleasure seeking and pain avoidance.  Pleasure seeking brings about sexual activities.  These sexual activities can be enjoyed by all open minded beings.  Be it a open minded homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual human.  Or an animal that is free from ‘peer pressure’ and other cultural taboos.

The point being that sex has nearly always been a means to pleasure.  A means to pleasure that is then used as a means to conduct the species into the future.  This is the same reason why Greek society had mentors.  The teaching elder would assume a male role and teach the boy the female role.  Such that ‘homosexual’ sex was a form of training for marriage with the hopes that the boy turned man would have sexual experience upon reaching breeding age.

I don’t know if these explanations are as evolutionary as some might think, but sentience is a product of evolution.  The sense of touch is a POWERFUL product of evolution.

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Holly Berard
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Posted on Mar 6, 2010