Selected Words for Test Pronunciation: English is a Fun Language to Learn

English is our international language. So, it is a necessity as part of the human world to learn at least the basics of the English language. If you want to deal with other people and work with them, learning English is a must. Many English words could ha

Here are some intriguing but somehow educational English words that will enhance one’s basic English knowledge.

We say tomb and womb but comb as well as bomb are not said in the same way.  

Some words are truly confusing, we say pipe, wipe and ripe but recipe is totally out of order.

We say mining but it’s absolutely different in the word examining.

We say climber, plumber, bomber and comber but this can’t be in the case of lumber, November, number and amber.

We say one, done, none and gone but can we do the same to the words bone, lone, tone, zone and hone?

We say magazine, examine but we can’t apply it to the words Valentine, undermine, dine, decline and refine.


Why don’t they just remove the letter “l” in these words – should, could, would, half, alms, calm and palms?

Is it not possible to say these words in the same manner – our, sour, hour, four, tour and your?

We say women but is it applicable to woven? We say world but can’t be applied to the word wore.

Anger and hunger don’t rhyme with the words ranger and stranger.

We say cupcake and cupbearer but all of a sudden the “p” in cupboard is silent. 

Isn’t it confusing when you can say rough, cough, tough and laugh but you can’t apply it to though, bough and dough.

If all words follow this uniform pronunciation it could have been easier for all of us – coat, goat, boat, moat, roast, boast, coast and toast.

If they can apply it to the words such as beat, feat, heat, meat, neat, peat, seat, teat and wheat why can’t they just do the same to the words break, great and steak?

Dear, fear, gear, hear, near, rear, sear, tear and year are pronounced the same; why can’t they just apply it to pear, wear and bear.   

Ch” is used in such a way that will give you headache such as - schism, schedule, chart, Schmidt and church.

Can’t they just drop the letter “p” in the words psyche, pseudonym, pneumonia, Phnom Penh, psychiatry and psychology?

Also in the words such as wrench, wry, wreck, wrens, write, who and wrap, why don’t they just drop the letter “w”.

Queue rhymes with ewe but beau doesn’t rhyme with beauty but it rhymes with bow. The word “rhyme” itself doesn’t rhyme with the word “paradigm”.

The word “here” is pronounce differently when it is added with the letter “t” as in “there” and the letter “w” as in “where”.

Whatever prefix is added to the word “count”, it is always pronounce the same as in discount, recount, viscount and account.

Well, of course, you’ll probably find it light and amazing when you find out that all these words rhyme – new, dew, few, hew and pew except for the word sew.

 Plaguy, which means troublesome, doesn’t rhyme with soliloquy although “plague and vague” rhyme.

Cord, lord and ford are not the same with word.

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