Solar Maximum

Solar flares and their destructive forces cause panic. They also create spectacular light shows.

Our sun behaves with a pattern monitored by NASA and several satelites they have placed.  They constantly watch it and tudy the sun's behavior and have come up with an 11 year cycle that our sun follows.  It starts off with a solar minimum releasing very few solar flares which turn into cme's, (coronal mass ejections).  When it reaches its solar maximum period, there is about one cme per day.  This period will be reached in 2013.

When these cme's are released from the sun they become plasma.  They are dangerous to astronauts and can cause problems  with communications on the ground as well as damage space equipment.  When they impact with earth's atmosphere they cause geomagnetic storms that are viewed as aurorae or northern lights.  Some of these cme's are so massive that their geomagnetic storms can be seen farther south than normal.

Scientists watch these eruptions and monitor them carefully.  They are very powerful and with Hollywood's continuously making end of th eworld movies, many people are fearing the 2012 year like Y2K.  2012 according to the Mayan Calandar is when their calandar resets.  This is why their time keeping was so accurate.  Creative writers and religious fanatics pump up the hype of the end times and claim that this is the year in which it will happen and the world wil end.

In virtually every religion I have studied, and I have studied a lot of them as of late for a fictional book project of my own, I have found that the world does not end so much as it begins anew.  Depending upon which religion you follow, there are signs of the times and such signs have not yet occurred and therefore you can relax somewhat.  Scientists would surely give us warning as they do when large cme's head for earth.  Last night's cme was a small one.  Do your own research.  Go to the NASA website and watch their live feed ofr space walks and read their latest articles on newest findings and technology.

This should assure you that you have little concern.  If we saw the government creating space crafts in mass production, I might be a little concerned.  Our government would surely look after themselves and send out some sort of obvious sign that we were in imenent danger.  Rather than worry or panic  many do, study what you can and ease your minds with knowledge.  Our sun is only halfway through its life span and is not yet even begun to become a red giant.  It wil slowly expand over the years and engulf first Mercury and then Venus before brning out as a red giant.  Though earth will not be able to support life during these years as i will be far too hot on its surface.  Polar icecaps wil melt and seas will boil but not for some 2 billion years from now according to astrophysisists. These findings actually support the Christian belief in Revelations, though they will not happen for some time from now.

Article by Kevin C Davison

"I write to entertain, and for a cause."


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