Stopping Pollution

Pollution is a huge problem in todays society. Air pollution increasing greenhouse gases, leaves global warming as a big threat to everyone. Fortunately, people have already shown to spend the extra money on environmentally friendly cars. People spending
    The simplest way to stop pollution in concern of global warming, is to stop the production and use of automobiles that run on gasoline. Though it seems straightforward, it's far from easy to make that big of a change so fast, especially if it's not economically beneficial for anyone. Other environmental concerns involving pollution are chemical products, lack of recycling, littering, illegal dumping, and many more.

              When it comes to any type of pollution except car pollution, changing the peoples viewpoints on priority, and enforcing the facts on negative effects can always make a big difference. Many would argue though, including myself, that this is not the big problem in the world of pollution, and is not worth looking into very much, in comparison to the greenhouse gases increasing in the earths atmosphere.

              Unfortunately, when it really comes down to "simplicity" in prevention of pollution, there really isn't an answer. Multiple companies and corporations would be financially thrown out of the business. No matter how simple it sounds, the people themselves will surely make it complicated. It's not only out of question for companies, but obviously the consumers are looking for low prices when it comes to buying anything, which would keep many from buying environmental friendly cars. It is important to remember that many people in the world are still in denile about the devastating effects global warming may soon have on the earth. Cars with terrible gas mileage are still being produced and purchased everywhere, and if somebody wants a big car, he's most likely going to buy it, no matter what people claim is happening around us.

              Keeping all of this in mind, there is a simple sounding solution to pollution, which is changing the national laws in order to change the actions of citizens. With the economy where it is, it seems nearly impossible to drastically lower air pollution without a change in national law, as people today are often worrying about money. In order for protestors to finally see changes in environmental laws as stated, there would have to be a great number of people supporting the cause. Multiple protests have already addressed the problem with thousands of people, but it's still not enough. Even if it seems far from coming into effect to the extent we need, the best and most efficient way to stop pollution, besides buying an environmentally friendly car yourself, is still to put your voice out, nonetheless.


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