Strings That Rock the World

Our planet is under the most sever strain. You hear and see forest being destroyed at an alarming rate, deserts widening, seas, rivers, and lakes degraded and polluted. Even the silent sufferers, the animals are not spared. Everything given to us freely,



Our planet is under the most sever strain. You hear and see forest being destroyed at an alarming rate, deserts widening, seas, rivers, and lakes degraded and polluted. Even the silent sufferers, the animals are not spared. Everything given to us freely, we exploit it; we wasted away and keep on wasting it.

This crisis threatens not only the human civilization but life forms on earth. It calls for us to exercise what we ought to be: Humans with a sense of responsibility and heedful stewardship. Living in this cost-conscious age, the science of economics rules the earth. So what would improve the environment actually cost the earth?

As individuals we may not have the immediate authority and global control over the conglomerates that spawn the world. However, we do not have something that no one can take command of that is the power of the purse. Ever heard of the expression, “The hand that rocks the purse strings rocks the world?” as long as each one of us have money to spend, it can influence the course of history.

What do we usually pick up from the shelves and shove into your cart or basket as your visit the supermarket? You’d grab some junk food, household detergents and bleaches, aerosols and air fresheners, processed foods, etc. it sometimes seems that almost everything we buy is polluting fro the additives in our food, the CFC’s we spray in our air, the phosphate from detergents to the toxic chemicals from toilet cleaners and solvents.

Concocting or creating something new out of the old and common has always become an entrepreneurial obsession. But sheer innovation isn’t enough. The best product in the world is worthless to the entrepreneur who has no customer, so that’s when marketing makes a difference. In recent decades, marketing efforts have become increasingly geared towards the creation of needs and not just their fulfillment. “Give them what you want them to think they want.”

Using the power of the purse needs some straight thinking. When shopping, remember that the largest use of plastics is in food packaging. These plastics – propylene, phenol, ethylene and polystyrene – are chemicals which are dangerous to workers who manufacture them. They run a high risk of cancer. For all that it is used in packaging; it is use once, then discarded. Don’t just throw them away. Reuse them to their limits.

There are four points or angles to look that every action that it is open to us. First, assess the consequences. Are the effects good, bad or neutral on our living planet? Our daily activities have some effect on the environment. They either improve it or make it deteriorate. A few leave it unchanged. Do we, for example, have to use so much detergent every time we wash a few clothes or dishes? A small amount would have than the job. Furthermore, there are now perfectly harmless and effective substitute on the market whose ingredients are biodegradable. We could easily use those.

Many detergents contain polluting phosphates which for plants are important growth materials. When phosphate-rich water runs down the waterways, algae pounce on this abundant supply of nourishment. The result is cutrophication or the over abundance of chemical food in water. This looks like pea soup: thick and green. For water organism, this has terrible side effects. Water life needs dissolved oxygen. In cutrophic waters, plants take up most of the oxygen living little for fish and other aquatics who begin to suffocate. Eventually the water becomes clogged and lifeless.

Look at the Pasig River. Have you come up to stand on one part where no visible water could be seen but a bed of debris? Its Smokey Mountain moved down to the river. And why it has becomes like this? We ourselves tolerate these dumping. So what happens after the river gets cleaned up in the unforeseen future? Would history be repeating itself?

Image Credit

10.10.10. A RUN FOR PASIG

MANILA, Philippines: In a powerful show of unity by Filipinos from all walks of life, the “10.10.10 A Run for the Pasig River” made history Sunday with 160,000 registrants and more than 100,000 actual runners.

It broke all Philippine records on the most number participants in a footrace, event organizer Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) said.

The fun run, which aimed to create awareness and raise funds for the massive Pasig River clean-up campaign, could also be the world’s biggest advocacy race. (Yahoo News)

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The Pasig River

Marine life does not go around munching bags of potato chips with soda cans to down it with and dispose of it after in their waters. Try strolling down Manila Bay and see if you can spot debris floating about. Toxic chemicals have a more devastating effect. Surely, we have heard of the Marcopper Mining Corp. in Mariduque. What about what they did to the Calancan Bay?

Second, if its effect is good, how can we enhance and extend it? If something enhances the environment, it should be recommended to others wherever possible. Individual action is only successful if enough individuals pursue it.

Third, if its effect is bad, what can we do about it? Many actions such as throwing away excessive amounts of rubbish, wasting water or using pesticides fall into this category of avoidable damage to the environments. In nearly all cases, this kind of damage can be prevented without any noticeable change in the quality of life. Lastly, if we cannot do without it, then what action can we take to reduce its damage?

Mankind is a part of nature and life depends on the interrupted functioning of natural ecosystems. Have we forgotten who we are? Have we sought only our own security? Have we exploited simply for our own needs? Have we distorted our knowledge?

Have we abused our own power? Aren’t we the most intelligent species here on earth? We are all part of the cycles of life so we must try not to make decisions that would bring more pain, harm, or suffering to the generation of the future. We should be like the steward caring for God’s property, like a father who cares for his children.

Liability for pollution of our planet does not solely rest with the great industrial combines whose factories discharge chemical waste into the air, onto the land, into rivers and seas. These are all major contributors but ultimately it is the householder or consumer who maintains the demand for their products and whoever bears responsibility for the pollution that threatens to ruin our planet.

We are desperately worried about maintaining what we call our “standard of living” – meaning, keeping up the Jones. Maybe we should examine the whole idea of standard of living. In very many cases our true standard of living would be raised, not lowered by owning fewer objects, and of the ones we feel we do need, choosing articles that are simple, local, and made of natural materials by good craftsmen and women.

Some people, wise in their generations have invented a way of life called “voluntary simplicity”. The many adherents of this philosophy all have one thing in common: they are contended.

                                                     Earth Mother is the source of nourishment

                                            Peace, serenity and joy are the fruits of her blessing.

                                                   As we ground ourselves and achieve balance.

                                                               We connect to Earth Mother,

                                                                  Experience Earth Mother

                                                                         Connect to Her

                                                                         Feel Her pulse

                                                                           By doing so,

                                                             You will experience yourself

                                                              You will connect to yourself

                                                                   You will feel your pulse.

                                                                                                                  Blackwolf Jones

Sincere thanks to the thoughts of Mitayuke Oyasin of RAPID JOURNAL.


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