Test Your English Pronunciation: This is Not Meant to Give You Headache

Why can’t they just simplify things for us to learn English much easier? For example, when I say mice, it is the plural of mouse and lice is the plural of louse. Why can’t they just say that the plural of house is hice? This article is not i

The most common mispronounce English word is “of”. They often say it “of” with an “f” sound but the right pronunciation is “ov”, “uv” or “ev”. “Of” is the right pronunciation for “off”.

Just because I said mice, sacrifice, dice and lice you can already say service, prejudice, chalice and jaundice.

When I say wallet, faucet, mallet and omelet will you say chalet, ballet, buffet and coup d’etat?

Just because the letter “t” in the words moisten, hasten, fasten and often are silent you can already drop the letter “t” in the following words – international, captivated, doctor and intact? 

Why do they say function, drink, sanction and ankle but you can’t not say the same to sinful, invoice center and commend?

They say sign, lasagna, bologna and cognac but you can not do same to cognate, magnet, signal, and magnate.

These unique words are said jeopardy, leopard and Leonard but in the word “people”, it is entirely different.

English language is absolutely weird. We say bow, tow, sow, row and mow but how, vow, cow, wow and now are said in different manner. 

We pronounce the word “pint” in long “i” but we don’t do the same to the words hint, dint, mint and tint.   

It sounds good when we hear them say round, bound, found, mound and hound but why is it that it is not applicable to the word “wound”?

They say rabies, babies, freebies and wallabies but why is it that they can’t say lullabies instead of lullabies; cries instead ofcries; and lies instead of lies?

Can we just pronounce these words in the same manner – fog, hog, jog and smog; dog, bog, cog and tog? 

These are really confusing words – creature and creation; promise and compromise; say and said; hear, heart and heard; sword and sward; dies and diet; steak and streak; troll and trolley; woman and women;

We easily say premise, chemise, promise, but could not say the same to the words surmise, compromise, rise and surprise.

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