Trash Compression Guzzled by Solar Power

Trash disposal mechanically mobilized by BigBelly.

Although trash may literally be garbage, then trash cans may not just be ordinary trash bins with this solar-powered garbage guzzling machine. Exactly, it is a trash compactor, equipped with highly technological features that could make you say “trashing might be literally expensive nowadays”.

This maybe just a trash bin, but these cost more than just your average garbage compressor bins. Conceptualized and created by BigBelly (formerly called Seahorse Power), these trash compactors are designed to adhere to the call of greening the earth with a highly prioritized way to not use electrical power directly geothermal, but completely solar.

Attached on top of each bin is a 30-watt silicon solar panel that is shielded by polycarbonate gauze. The science goes as the solar panel collects energized heat from the sun and converts it to electrical power making the system run purposely for trash compression. For these compactors to be able to compress the trash, it is equipped with a motor mechanism responsible for compression process. The solar panel is also channeled to a 12-volt battery which charges during the day where the sun is present so that it could have enough power to make the trash bin work at night. The BigBelly Compactors weighs 300 pounds which requires machine strength to pack up and haul. It is also equipped with LED light level indicators which measures the fullness of the bin. When the LED Light indicators reaches full gauge, a built-in wireless device, alike of a cellular phone system which sends information via SMS (text messaging) to a centralized server to notify and call in haulers to empty the bins. The wireless feature goes optional upon purchase. If it is opted to be included, information about how full trash bins are is being sent to a server managed by BigBelly.

BigBelly trash compactors are marketed mostly to universities and national parks for the prime reason that schools and areas of leisured avenue statistically dispose more garbage, and price wise? -- only larger companies and government institutions could afford these Big Belly solar trash compactors which retails at $4,000, quite expensive for just a garbage bin.

"Customers can log in and see their machines in real time to optimize their collection and route planning. You don't want to send your trucks to pick up air, but full cans. You try to get that perfect balance." This was a catchy statement of one of the marketing personnel of BigBelly, which he emphasized the ingenuity of their creation with its intelligent gauge. Reasonably, it could be cost and time saving on the hauling team.

Recently, Boston, Philadelphia and California are already guzzling up trash through this eco-friendly creation.


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