What Developments Will Affect the Increasing Future Consumption of Natural Gas?

Considering the fact that the global demand for environmentally-friendly sources will rise in the years to follow, the strategic importance of natural gas is expected to increase. It is predicted that more and more businesses and individuals consumers wil

Probably the most critical development, which will play a significant role in the increasing future consumption of natural gas, is climatic change. As the weather phenomena will become more intense, due to climatic change, with the examples of colder winters and hotter summers (and vice-versa), energy needs for house heating and cooling will become higher. This will have the effect of an increased demand for energy, and, as a result, increased demand for natural gas used directly or indirectly for house heating and cooling.

In this line, severe pressure by state agencies which are responsible for the application of environmentally-friendly measures in the production of energy, towards the adoption of “greener” methods by energy producing companies will lead to an increased consumption of natural gas. Natural gas, although non-renewable, is generally regarded as one of the “greener” energy sources. Its main advantage over other “green” and renewable sources of energy is the fact that it is more easily accessible and its distribution to households requires a smaller amount of investment. It is also more efficient to use, since the percentage of energy loss during storage, transportation and distribution to households is much lower than other environmentally-friendly sources of energy.

Despite the fact that natural gas is one of the principal energy sources today and its exploration and excavation are considered as strategically important issues on a global level, it can be observed that the overwhelming majority of the appliances used in a household are still electricity-driven. Natural gas is primarily used for the generation of electricity in power stations and for transportation needs, while currently there are not many, if any, household appliances, which may use natural gas directly, as a primary or secondary source of energy. The day the shift to directly natural-gas-driven household appliances becomes a reality, the demand for natural gas will certainly increase multifold. In other words, the invention, for example, of a natural-gas-driven refrigerator will grow the demand for natural gas dramatically.

The ever increasing living standards in developed countries and the constant public pressure for an improved standard of living in developing and underdeveloped nations, has led to the rise in the demand for energy sources, which are preferably environmentally-friendly and renewable. This enhanced appetite for energy on a global scale has also resulted in a huge boost in the demand for natural gas. This accentuating trend is expected to continue in the future. In fact, the upgraded standard of living, combined with the enhanced environmental awareness, will further push the demand for environmentally-friendly resources, and natural gas will become a primary energy choice for individual consumers and businesses.

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